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I live in Liberty, Missouri with my lovely wife Linda, where we raised 3 bright, creative children who are now making their own footprints in the sand.

I have been in the graphic arts industry since 1986, where I got my start as a paste up and layout artist at a decal company. I grew with the industry as it moved from standard paste up and layout to digital prepress and desktop publishing. After working with all aspects of the commercial graphic arts industry, I knew it was time to make a change. I have been living the dream since 2001, running a small business as a full-time illustrator, while my wife handles all managerial aspects of our business. 

My goal as an illustrator is to create art that is fun to look at, and my hope is that viewers get more out of it every time they come back to it. I gauge my success on how accurately I’m able to render my client's vision, whether it is technical illustrations, scientific and historic art, children’s books, or cartoons for newsletters or advertisements.

I advocate for creative endeavors involving art, music, and writing at all ages. I think people, in general, shy away from art projects because they feel too much pressure to create something of perceived value to others when the true joy of art comes in the creation, not the final product.

To see more of my art, please visit my website at and feel free to contact me at this email address:


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