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He's NOT just a cookie!

Author Joanne Kimberly propels you and your child into a world of wonder as she introduces you to a charming gingerbread boy, named Gingerboy, who comes to live through love and finds that God's love is the most powerful force in the universe. Told as an allegory, the power of this message is shared in a way children can understand. Written entirely in rhyme, this is sure to become a classic!

"My eight-year old daughter loved this book and couldn't put it down. She was impressed by Gingerboy's ability to forgive." —a parent's Kindle 5-star purchase

"Just a great book! Beautifully written! Beautifully illustrated!" —a parent's hardcopy 5-star purchase

"Reading this should be an annual tradition for families with younger children and grandchildren. The story of God's love is told cleverly and well; illustrations are delightful." —a grandparent's hardcopy 5-star purchase

"My son would memorize parts of the text and later bring up the story which the kids played. The story of Gingerboy became, in many ways, the platform for my wife and me to talk about deeper themes and meanings with not only Christmas but also pray, trust, hope and love." —a Director of Campus Ministry

"What a delightful way to share the joy of Jesus' birth and its significance! I especially love the way traditional characters are woven throughout." —a university Professor of Elementary Education

Just remember, it is poetry and so designed to be read out loud, especially at bed time. Saving each act for a different reading session is a wonderful way to help children discover a new eagerness and love for reading. Children of all ages will be drawn in by its moving message when Gingerboy learns how God's love can mend broken hearts and broken lives.

Enhanced by colorful whimsical illustrations, yet filled with emotion, from professional illustrator John Babcock, each page of the book will amuse and entertain.

7 in. x 10 in., 60 pages of fun; full color throughout.

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